Poster saying knoweldge action is uselss and knowledge without action is futile
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Whilst downloading guides, free templates and workbooks may make you feel you are investing in your development, the important question is how much of that material have you read and put into action? Gaining knowledge for the sake of it might help you out at your local pub quiz but it could jeopardise your business.

With limited time and headspace, your business and your mental health need you to focus on the important things first. So how do you know what they are?

Step back and assess where you are and where you want to get to

Whether you do…

Antique sign saying Original

I am ISTJ.

If you are familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, you will instantly relate to those four letters. And if you are a manager who has used the technique to find out more about the make-up of their team, you might have some ideas about my preferences and how I like to be treated in the workplace.

For anyone else, the letters and that statement will be meaningless.

The I in ISTJ stands for introvert. So now what do you think of me?

I was speaking to someone recently who thought being an introvert meant that I would…


Joanne Parker is a freelance copywriter and communications strategist. She lives in the north of England. Joanne has a passion for the environment and animals.

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